Inter Madrassa Organisation (IMO)

Inter Madrassah Organisation (IMO) have an aim to help young people and their families to overcome challenges which helps them fulfil their potential in life. They promote the health and well being of young people and their families. They equip young people and adults with the knowledge, skills ...

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Scottish National Rugby Team

Scottish National Rugby Team visited us on 2nd November 2016. There was a group of 30 people, including 24 players and 6 members from the management team. The players attempted to escape from all three of our themed rooms. One of the groups escaped from ‘The Serial Killer’ room. Unfortunately, ...

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Timed Trap is a real life, interactive escape game. It is a fun challenge to experience with your friends and family. You have 60 minutes to try and break out of the themed rooms. Whilst the clock is ticking, you must solve puzzles, crack codes and think fast to try and complete the challenge. ...

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