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Escape into modern team building with Time Trap

Are you looking to motivate & inspire your team with the goal of increasing performance, work place synergy & productivity? Why not break the mould of traditional team building & make it fun, exciting, challenging & addictive!

Engage your employees in a whole new way, we all know a team is made up of individuals but what happens when your team is put outside their comfort zone & the clocks ticking?

Team building should be an exciting & eye opening experience for both your employees & yourself. You should learn as much about them as they do about each other!

Our real life escape room scenarios place your team under pressure, they must escape in 60 minutes or less by solving riddles, puzzles, traps & clues. Whether their handcuffed to a rail or locked in a prison cell, the only way out is together!

What happens when the “go to” person has no answers, or the leader isn’t the best in the room, can they adapt, work together & escape in time!


*** We provide corporate teams with short, anonymous, questionnaires, providing direct feedback to company management ***


Corporate packages are now available, including food & transport.

For more information contact our sales manager Gary on 07532 708777

Can your team do the following?

  • Solve puzzles at high speed
  • Find hidden items
  • Unravel riddles to find the clues
  • Think fast without forgetting
  • Pay attention to detail under pressure
  • Manage time as a group

Will your team prevail  & continue to:

  • Support each other
  • Listen & acknowledge
  • Adapt & encourage
  • Work a a single unit
  • Have fun & enjoy themselves

Need more information to help you decide?

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Our friendly helpful staff are always at hand to provide you with a tour of our escape rooms without revealing all the secrets of the rooms!

Our three escape rooms allow up to 18 people to participate in teams at any one time, we have access to pool & snooker facilities to entertain members of larger groups whilst awaiting there turn. Please ask for more information about pricing for these facilities.

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